3rd Dan

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Black belts - 3rd Dan

Guidance information for you.

Congratulations on your 3rd Dan Black Belt.

In addition to more advanced Tae Kwon-Do skills,

  • Speciality skills Advanced training & 3 patterns
  • Referee Part 1 Course: (18yrs & above)
  • Tournanment rules info
  • Officiate or compete in at least 2 events per year. Includes 1 National TAGB event.
  • Must attend Pre-gradings with TAGB Grand Masters / Masters every 6 months,
  • Other optional courses & skills for assisting/Instructing, referee and/or officiating.
  • Assisting at Coloured belt gradings (optional).
  • Achieve & maintain requirements as previous Dan Grades.
  • Minimum training time before 4th Dan:- 4 years

Available courses & min ages:-

Referees Pt 1: 18 years & over (Mandatory)

Class assistant course: 14 yrs upwards (optional - to assist 'supervised' by your instructor at sessions)

Assistant Instructor course: 17yrs & above (optional - can teach with or without your instructor's supervision)

Instructors course: 18 yrs & above (optional, but must have already passed the Assistant Instructors course)

School Instructors Management course: (Optional for adults who've passed both Assistant Instructors & Instructors)

Referees Pt 2: 18 years & above (Optional)

Black belts must attend pre-gradings every 6 months & attend all 3 pre-gradings directly before any formal grading date.

(It is advantageous for Dan grades to extend their abilities & knowledge of Tae Kwon-Do by studying such things as the principles of instructing others. However it is not mandatory to teach at a club or start a club of your own, that is completely optional).

Sam IL: 33 Moves

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Sam IL: 33 Moves
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Choi Yong: 46 Moves

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Choi Yong: 46 Moves
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Yoo Sin: 68 Moves

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Yoo Sin: 68 Moves
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