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Achieve your goals - Reach your potential

Learning Tae Kwon Do can be done at your own pace (however fast or slow) so that it’s best for you. HED TKD will help you to acquire the skills to the best of your own ability. It just takes a little dedication, patience and a respect for fellow students and your instructor.

Each belt level consists of a series of skills that you learn, improving and achieving the next belt. These include; improvements to your fitness, flexibility, coordination, self discipline, balance, and awareness as you gain in confidence and ability. In application you study various new TKD movements, patterns and techniques and combinations, as you increase and consolidate your knowledge of the art.

HED TKD strives to help you learn the art in a safe, fun and sensible way at a pace that suits you. Each session is delivered in a way to make it interesting and informative. Whilst you can repeat and practice techniques as often as you need to master them, no two sessions are exactly the same.

Everyone is very friendly and you will be amongst like minded people. During the class you will be guided by your instructor as you learn new and exciting skills both individually and with partners as realistic application.

The Tenets of Tae Kwon-Do


Be polite to everyone around you and in particular to your instructors, seniors and fellow students.


Be honest with oneself.


Keep trying to achieve your goals in life.


 Deal with things without losing your temper and always try to live and work within your capability.


 Try to always show courage when you and your principles are tested and sensibly strive to be better and never give up.

T.A.G.B. Tae Kwon-Do Oath

As a student of Tae Kwon-Do,

I do solemnly pledge to abide by the rules and regulations of the Tae Kwon-Do association.To strive always to be modest, courteous and respectful to all members, in particular to my seniors.

To put the art into use only for self-defence or defence of the weak and never to abuse my knowlege of the art.

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