Umpire and Referee courses - Black Belts

Black belts can learn more about teaching/officiating. Minimum ages for formal courses are:-

Umpires & Assistant instructors: 16 years.

Referees & Instructors courses: 18 years.

Black belts must always attend pre-gradings every 6 months. Additionally if they are grading then they must also attend ALL 3 pre-gradings that occur in the 2/3 months immediately before their Black Betl Grading date.

Black belts (16yrs old & over) must attend qualifying courses as part of their syllabus. Our members do not need to get forms for such courses on-line as we pre-approve you then complete & any forms for you. Just read this information and take the appropriate steps to register for the course that you want.

Each person should discuss/select their own relevant courses/dates several months in advance of the course you want to go to. (diary dates for all events incl courses are in News / Calendar. Discuss things with your instructor well in advance and then applying with their prior approval by E-mailing us AT LEAST 3 months in advance. We confirm any relevant fee/info/photos or whatever we may need from you and once you have provided these to us, we ensure that your instructor approves and only then do we register you for the course (without you having to fill in any forms).

Junior black belts Gradings: Junior black belts strive to improve thier skills and earn Star Gradings (levels 1, 2 or 3) as they go. As a junior black belt (under 16) you will (& must) ofcourse be training/studying the black belt syllabus & taking Star Gradings each year. Earning a start 1,2 or 3 is a promotion above the normal 1st Dan. Then when you have passed them (or when you reach 16, whichever is soonest) you can apply for your final 2nd Dan grading. 

16 year olds who are not yet eligable to actually take their 2nd or for whatever reason do not take their 2nd Dan within 20 months directly after their 16th Brithday must follow the normal adult requirements and hence you must also attend & pass the relevant Umpires Course before you apply to grade.

All black belts (all ages, all grades) must still attend pre-gradings each & every 6 months period as usual.

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