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Black belts - 1st Dan

Guidance information for you.

Congratulations on your 1st Dan Black Belt.

Our Black Belt syllabus teaches you even more about the art including;

  • Speciality techniques,
  • Advanced skills & 3 patterns,
  • Umpires Part 1: (mandatory for 16yrs & above)
  • Tournanment rules info
  • Officiate or compete in at least 2 events per year. Includes 1 National TAGB event.
  • STAR grading system (mandatory for under 16yrs) – (Star grading syllabus)
  • Must attend Pre-gradings with TAGB Grand Masters / Masters every 6 months
  • Minimum training time to 2nd Dan:- 2 years ** Juniors who grade whilst 15yrs or younger see note **
  • Assisting at Coloured belt gradings (optional)
  • Other optional courses & skills for assisting/Instructing, referee and/or officiating.

Available courses & min ages/requirements:-

Star grading syllabus: Mandatory for Under 16 years

Umpires PT1: 16 years & over. (Mandatory)

Class assistant course: 14yrs upwards (optional - to assist 'supervised' by your instructor at sessions),

Assistant Instructor course: 17yrs & above (optional - can teach with or without your instructor's supervision)

Instructors course: 18 years & above (optional, but must have already passed the Assistant Instructors course)

School Instructors Management course: (Optional for adults who've passed both Assistant Instructors & Instructors)

Referee Pt 1: 18 years & above (Optional).

Referee Pt 2: 18 years & over (Optional)

Black belts must attend pre-gradings every 6 months & also attend all 3 pre-gradings that occur in the 2 months immediately before their formal grading date.

(It is advantageous for Dan grades to extend their abilities & knowledge of Tae Kwon-Do by studying such things as the principles of instructing others. However it is not mandatory to teach at a club or start a club of your own, that is completely optional).

** Junior black belts note: Grading time between gradings is measured in "Adult training months". Therefore to clarify, if you grade for black belt whilst under 16yrs old then this is calculated as follows:  Any training time that you (the student) completes between Dan grades whilst you are still under 16 years of age counts as half of the "Adult" training time. Once the student reaches 16 years old, then their training months are counted as Adult training months. The student must complete the equivalent of 24 Adult months training (ie: 24 months Adult training time) between 1st & 2nd Dan. ** (Star grading syllabus)

 (updated 10/03/24)

Po Eun: 36 Moves

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Po Eun: 36 Moves
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Kwang Gae: 39 Moves

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Kwang Gae: 39 Moves
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Gae Baek: 44 Moves

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Gae Baek: 44 Moves
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