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Master H. Douglas

Master H. Douglas

6th Dan

In 1978, Howard Douglas began training under a Korean instructor and then soon under the guidance of the TAGB national coach, Grand Master Kenny Walton 9th Degree. During his career, Howard has won every possible British/UK title in every event (incl individual & teams for Patterns, Sparring, hand & foot destruction) in UK competition at every grade incl all Black belt tournaments and has also enjoyed great success participating at Black belt on the international scene. A former UK team international, Howard is also one of the elite handful of people to be honoured as “Best Black Belt”. Even more uniquely, Howard has been awarded this honour on several occasions. International Instructor, International Referee & Senior Coach of the TAGB’s South East’s black belts, Adults & Children’s teams.

Miss. J. Marie

4th Dan

Started with HED TKD in 1999, Jackie Marie has been teaching since 2004. She has won numerous trophies in sparring & patterns & has trained many members from beginner to their high dan levels & world class level (incl; Connor Brierley World Champion 2023 & Finlay Moffatt World Bronze medalist 2023). As an International Instructor & Referee with vast expertise & skill, she's a great role model for instructors & students alike.

Mr. R. Chung

4th Dan

Richard Chung began TKD for self defence and has a great understanding of the art. Training with various TAGB masters he’s very well qualified with vast expertise and experience as a senior instructor. Richard is highly respected by everyone and has a keen ability to help his students reach their potential.

Mr. J. Eriksen

6th Dan

Having started TKD in 1987 and raised many black belts John Eriksen teaches children and adults at various HED TKD clubs. Simultaneously he trains alongside his children Isobel & Samuel both black belts, who are following in his footsteps. An international qualified Instructor, referee & umpire, John regularly officiates & competes in tournaments.

Mr. M. Winterbourne

3rd Dan

Matthew Winterbourne trained to black belt with GM Dew. He has graded to higher Dans under Miss Jackie Marie and become an experienced instructor passing on great technical abilities, enthusiasm & ethics to his students. Matt has competed successfully at all levels.

Mrs O. Carpenter-Lomax

5th Dan

Mrs Carpenter took up TKD in 2003 & has trained in Northamptonshire, Durham, Nottingham, & Dusseldorf, Germany. She joined HED TKD in 2013 & achived promotion to 5th Dan in 2022. A qualified International instructor, referee, officiating & competing very successfully still at both national & international levels. She adds great value to the club(s).

Miss. A. Goddard

4th Dan

Anita Goddard originally took up Tae Kwon-Do in 1986 with her parents and other family members to learn self defence and keep fit. On the way to red belt she won many trophies at competitions. After a few years she returned to TKD, has achieved 4th Dan black belt & still competes very successfully at black belt level. Fully qualified instructor & referee.

Mr M. Lavery

4th Dan

Michael Lavery joined HED TKD in 1999 and has nurtured huge natural talent. As one of our senior instructors Mike passes on mastery and control of Tae Kwon-Do’s kicking skills to his students. His understanding of how to apply tae Kwon-Do in competitions and practical self defence is well known in the clubs.

Mr. C. Sayer

5th Dan

Colin Sayer is a member of HM forces & together with Master H. Douglas, teaches TKD to his colleagues in the army. He enjoys great success in black belt tournaments with regular sucesses in WTF & ITF categories. When he is is not training hard, he helps students to find new ways to improve the application of their skills, successfully teaching students of all ages. Promoted to 5th Dan in 2022.

Mr. B. Lau

2nd Dan

Bennett, a Black belt & Assistant Instructor. Started Training many years ago. Promoted to 2nd Dan in 2022 and as part of our Instructors team, he continues to train & assist students of all ages to progress & hone their skills.

Mr. N. Panagiotidis

1st Dan

Nikos, a qualified Assistant Instructor has been training since 2015 along with his son. As part of our seniors team, he successfully helps students of all ages to give of their best as they pursue their goals.

Mr. N. Taylor

1st Dan

Nicholas Taylor started Tae Kwon-Do in 1996 winning numerous trophies for Patterns & Sparring. Nick gained his 1st Dan in 2000 before going to university. Having returned to TKD 20 years later along with his family. qualified assistant instructor.

Mr. Y. Bush

1st Dan

Yuri started martial arts in his home, the Ukraine & has studied many martial arts. Promoted in 2023 to Black belt. A Qualified Assistant instructor he trains TKD under Miss Marie along with his daughter.

Connor Brierley

1st Kup

Connor started training under Miss Marie in 2013 with both parents & his brother. Connor is current Red belt World Champion 2023 in free sparring. A Qualified Class Assistant.

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