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HED TKD teach a wide variety of people, all getting the full benefits of their involvement in our Tae Kwon-do club:

‘I had always liked the idea of trying a martial art but never had the courage to have a go, but then I had three sons whom I wanted to arm with some knowledge of self defence. They would only try it if I took part and I haven’t looked back. I get to spend quality time with my kids, my own confidence has grown and it’s helping with my fitness! I only wish I’d have got involved earlier!’

Mr C., Woking

I started with HED TKD three years ago, I enjoyed it so much, that now both my wife & children have also joined. The instructors teach us all at our own levels and always vary the lessons. We are all fitter, healthier and always look forward to the next lesson".

Mr H, Hampshire

"I took my son along to build his confidence, after his first lesson he was hooked, the difference in him is remarkable. The Instructors are very knowledgeable and know how to bring the best out in their students. Would recommend HED TKD to anyone"

Mrs B., Worthing

First night training last night #Guildford @HEDTKD. Big Thankyou to Jackie and Howard, Great Team, Fun night, Hightly recommbended. #martialarts

Mrs Carabineru, Guildford

My children have been training for a few months now with Mr Winterbourne in bracknell who is a fantastic instructor. The kids just love the sessions.

Mrs P. Bracknell

'I have two sons who have been learning Tae-Kwon-Do with HED TKD for the past nine years. In that time both have attained a black belt.

The clubs together with all the instructors, provide regular training sessions within a safe environment.'

Mrs K., Surrey

My daughter and myself have been coming to the Tae Kwon Do class for over 7 years. We have enjoyed their method of teaching & find the atmosphere of classes very friendly.

I have also found the class offers a very good balance of fitness, focus and discipline and also enables students to progress within a friendly environment.

Mrs T., Surrey

Me and my son George train in Reading and we really enjoy it. Miss Marie is a great instructor. I am absolutely thrilled to achieve my recent promotion & new belt. A huge thankyou to the #HEDTKD Instructors & Seniors for their unvavering support.

Nicos & George, Reading

We joined a couple of years ago mainly for fitness and to learn a new skill. Training is great and instructors pace things at your own level of ability. Lessons are varied and Tae Kwon Do is so much fun.  It's so much more enjoyable than going to a gym. Should have joined years ago !

Mr & Mrs R., Hampshire

I am still coming to terms with this... 3rd Dan! Me! Big big thanks to my TKD friends at HED Tae Kwon Do and of course Miss Jackie Marie my patient and amazing instructor. Couldn’t have done it without you all.

Wendy, Reading

I joined for some excercise and not only have I lost weight, improved on my fitness but also have made some great friends. Hightly recommended the clubs and the instructors.

Miss Smith Woking

"I joined with my sons who are 5 & 9 to get fit and learn something new. TKD has enabled us to do something as a family and the
lessons are suited to all ages, the instructors are able to teach us together. Thank you HED TKD"

Mr M., Fleet

I would strongly recommend this group to any adults, children and Families who wish to learn.'

Mr G., Berkshire

I have been training at the Guildford Club for 4 years. the instruction is excellend and I have recently achieved my 1st Dan. THankyou HED TKD. I look forward to continuing my TaeKwon-do journey with you.

Mr Pearce Guildford

We can’t thank Master Douglas & Miss Goddard enough for the effort given every week to our son & many other students.  Our son Jake attends the Fleet club & absolutely loves it.

In his first tournament. Tag Team Bronze & GOLD in strike pad/hardest punch.  As parents we we're proud & delighted & he left with a big grin. We would recommended HED TKD to anyone wanting to learn.

Rob & Rachael, Fleet

'We have been members for six enjoyable years.

As a family of Five, we all benefit from the physical workouts and I have seen increasing levels of self confidence in my children.

There is great flexibility in attending different evenings/venues always providing a warm welcome in a friendly atmosphere.'

Mr S., Hampshire

Our children have trained at Fleet  many years. This april our daughter Amilie achieved her black belt. We're incredibly proud of what she's achieved but she would not have got there without your team's dedication and guidance. You have a great club and everytime I see the way you conduct the class I am hugely impressed.

Mr & Mrs Ng, Fleet

Now we have joined, this is the first time my son is truly is enjoying a class & is keen to go back, so it feels to me that the class
has the right balance of humour, hard work, exercise, acrobatics and discipline for him.

Looking forward to many sessions to come.


Mr S., Woking

My son joined HED TKD Club 10 years ago and thoroughly enjoys it. It has built his confidence, challenged him, improved his fitness & made him many friends with a great sense of belonging to the club. The reaching of each new coloured belt gives him recognition for his development and effort in the Tae Kwon Do martial art.

Mrs F., Surrey

Tae Kwon-do with our instructors at HED TKD is fantastic. Joined recently with my children and we love it. Great fun !

Mrs L. Fleet

Both my children are members at HEDTKD kingston club and it has improved their Coordination Skills as well as their attention span in class. We have recommended the club to our friend and they loved it and joined too. !

Susan Fredricks, Kingston

'HED TKD have taught my daughter (12) since 2002. During this time she has progressed from being a complete beginner to earning her first Dan black belt qualification.’

I have always found the instructors to be sensible, and professional in the way they conduct themselves and their classes.

I would strongly recommend this group to any adults or children who wish to learn.'

Ms F., Berkshire

We are very happy to have Mr Chung teaching as coach for our son at Maidenhead TaeKwon-Do club.

Mr T, Maidenhead

"My 2 sons train with HED TKD and always look forward to learning towards their new Belts. My eldest is not far off achieving his Black Belt. We liked the fact the instructors can teach all grades together so we did not have to attend different classes. They have also made many new friends within the club & they always finish the lessons with a smile on their faces".

Mr A., Kent

I wanted to say thank you for all of the online sessions that have been running during lockdown. It’s been great for Noah & Fred to be able to have a bit of continuity during what has been a very strange time for everyone.They are really delighted to be getting back to normal now and really enjoyed their first session in Fleet today. Thanks to everyone involved from the HEDTKD team


Mrs S, Fleet

'I brought my daughters along at just 5 & 7. We really enjoyed our complimentary lesson. We all took advantage of family membership attending at least twice a week ever since. The girls have set goals to achieve black belt & we enjoy spending valuable time together.

Great Instruction in sport, fitness, health & safety.

I strongly recommend any of the HED TKD schools for Tae Kwon-Do!'

Mr H., Hampshire

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