Class Assistant & Instructor(s) Courses

Various Optional courses are available.

Please note that the TAGB has updated its course structures and content for Class Assistants up to fully fledged Club/School Owners. We have already listed the relevant course options & eligability on the relevant Resources page(s) Coloured-belts / Black-belts of at each grade so you can simply check your grade page for applicable options.

 FYI this is a summary of the 4 choices: 

  1. CLASS ASSISTANT (eligibility: Adults 2nd Kup & above, also Junior Black Belts 14yrs & over)

Can assist in a class, working supervised alongside a qualified ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR or INSTRUCTOR.

A 1 day course held alongside the Assistant instructor course (June/July) each year.


   2. ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR (eligibility: Black belts 17yrs & over who can provide appropriate valid info/identification for their DBS check)

Can teach unsupervised in sessions, (Can teach supervised alongside a qualified INSTRUCTOR or even teach occationally unsupervised if they satisfy below noted conditions).

A 1 or 2 day course held June or July each year.

Note: A qualified assistant instructor may teach unsupervised on an occasional basis, providing they hold:

  a) Professional Indemnity Insurance through the TAGB

  b). An up to date First Aid certificate

  c). A valid, clear DBS/PVG/Access NI disclosure check (to apply you will need to provide some things such as  passports, picture driving licence, Birth cert, also plus things like (maybe; bank/credit card statements, utility bill, councli tax bill, p45, p60 etc)

 d). A current TAGB/BTC Membership licence

(Qualified Class Assistants wanting to attend this course may get a price discount if they take this course within 5 years of the Class assistant course.) 


  1. INSTRUCTOR (eligibility: Black belts 18yrs & over who’ve taken & qualified from the ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR Course)

Can teach unsupervised Club Sessions (Designed for people to run sessions regularly on quite a permanent basis without supervision).

A 2 day course held in November each year.  


  1. SCHOOL INSTRUCTOR MANAGEMENT (eligibility: Black belts 18yrs & over who & qualify from INSTRUCTOR Course)

For those wishing to open their own TAGB School (in their own name) within say the next 18 months after taking this course.

1 day Business Management course run with, or shortly after the Instructor Course each year.

(Any currently qualified instructors who wish to open a school in their own name or even currently running a school already, may also apply to attend if you wish).  


We hope this summary helps you.

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