Class Assistant & Instructor(s) Courses

Various Optional courses are available.

This is TAGB's updated courses for Class Assistants up to fully fledged TKD Club/School Owners. We've listed your course options & eligibility on Resources page(s) Coloured-belts / Black-belts for relevant grades. Summary of the 4 choices: 


1.    CLASS ASSISTANT (eligibility: Adults 2nd kup & above, also Junior Black Belts 14yrs & over)

Can assist in classes, working supervised alongside a qualified Assistant Instructor or Instructor.

A 1 day, course held alongside the Assistant Instructor course (June/July) each year.


2.     ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR (eligibility: Black belts 17yrs & over who can provide appropriate valid info/id etc for their DBS check)  

 Can teach supervised alongside a qualified Instructor & also can even teach occasionally unsupervised, if they satisfy the below noted conditions.

A 1 or 2 day course held June or July each year.

Note: A qualified Assistant Instructor may teach unsupervised on an occasional basis, providing they hold:  

a)    Professional Indemnity Insurance through the TAGB.

b)   An up to date First Aid certificate.

c)    A valid, clear DBS/PVG/Access NI disclosure check (to apply you’ll need to be able to provide some things like passports, valid driving licence, Birth cert, (relevant docs as needed eg: bank/credit statements, utility/council tax bill, p45, p60 etc)

d)   A current TAGB/BTC Membership licence

e)    Relevant Safeguarding



3.    INSTRUCTOR (eligibility: Black belts 18yrs & over who’ve taken & qualified from the Assistant Instructor course)

Can teach unsupervised Club Sessions (Designed for people to run sessions regularly onquite a permanent basis without supervision).

A 2 day, course held in November each year.  

Note: A qualified Instructor will ofcourse hold the same or higher clearances as mentioned above (incl; PL/PI, DBS, TAGB Licence, Safeguarding & First Aid).  

Taking & passing this course means you qualify and register as BTC /TAGB instructor in your own right. However, May we at HED TKD clarify the following;

Regardless of why you actually decide to take the TAGB's Instructors course,passing it and becoming a Registered TAGB / BTC instructor. We confirm thatbeing a Registered instructor does not mean that you have to go on to run and/orteach at any club(s).

You can simply do this course purely for the fun and challenge of it if you wish and ofcourse to gain that particular qualification.

Having passed the instructors course however to stay qualified you must do the relevant & appropriate things each year/threeyears (ie: PL/PI; safeguarding & DBS) to be able to simply keep your status as a BTC registered Instructor. 


4.    SCHOOL INSTRUCTOR MANAGEMENT:  (eligibility: Black belts 18yrs& over who’ve taken & qualified from the Instructor course)

For those wishing to open their own TAGB School (in their own name) within say the next 18 months after taking this course.

A 1 day, Business Management course run with, or shortly after the Instructor Course each year.

(Any currently qualified Instructors who wish to open a school in their own name or even currently running a club/school already, may also apply to attend if you wish).  


We hope this summary helps you.


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