Black Belt Grading - Application Process

Grading Application Form / Process - Black belts

In order to be eligible to apply for any grading students must attend & participate in relevant sessions, study and practice all of their syllabus to their instructors satisfaction. As the appropriate knowledge is acquired a student may ofcourse discuss things with their instructor & at some point obtain their prior approval to apply for the next grading.

Those wishing to take a black belt grading of any level should discuss this with their instructor at least 5 months before the relevant grading date. That way your instructor has plenty of time to work with you even more to help you to get ready. Also Black Belt grading forms/application process is different from the coloured belt system and must be completed & submitted at least Two or Three MONTHS before the actual grading date so having discussed with your instructor they will remind you to E-mail us with your current email address so we can help you on-line, explain the application process & then we prepare your application forms for you/your parents to sign. Grading fees etc are none refundable in whole or in part.



Junior black belts Star Gradings once you're a 1st Dan,

Gradings: Junior black belts strive to improve their skills and earn Star Gradings (levels 1, 2 or 3) as they go. As a junior black belt (under 16) you study the black belt syllabus & taking Star Gradings each year. Earning a Star 1,2 or 3 is a promotion above the normal 1st Dan. Then, when you have passed the three gradings (or after your 4th year / or at 16 years old, whichever is soonest), you can apply for your final 2nd Dan grading. 

16 year olds who are not yet eligable to actually take their 2nd or for whatever reason who do not take their 2nd Dan within 10 months directly after their 16th Brithday must follow the normal adult requirements and hence you must also attend & pass the relevant Umpires Course before you apply to grade.

** Junior black belts note: Grading time between gradings is measured in "Adult training months". Therefore to clarify, if you grade for black belt whilst under 16yrs old then this is calculated as follows:  Any training time that you (the student) completes between Dan grades whilst you are still under 16 years of age counts as half of the "Adult" training time. Once the student reaches 16 years old, then their training months are counted as Adult training months. The student must complete the equivalent of 24 Adult months training (ie: 24 months Adult training time) between 1st & 2nd Dan. ** (updated 30/09/21)

All black belts (all ages, all grades) must still attend pre-gradings each & every 6 months period as usual.

Please ensure that you follow Coloured belt Resources  and Black Belt Resources for your grade. Also News, Calendar.

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