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Sessions @45m to 1hr
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Tuesdays & Fridays:

Guildford County School

Farnham Road, Guildford,

Surrey, GU2 4LU

Sessions @45m to 1hr


   Juniors & Families;  6:30pm

    Adults & Families; 7:30pm


   Juniors & Families;  6:30pm

    Adults & Families; 7:30pm

Sessions in the Schools Sports Centre. From the Farnham Rd entrance, the car park (entrance nr Wherwell Rd) is at the downhill end of the school field. Walk up the path thats next to the road past the astro turf (on your left) Walk to the schools Sports centre entrance by walking past the astro turf across the plaza concreted areea to the glass doors by the side of the Sports Hall. Your reception and/or instructor(s) will meet you, & take you into the Sports Hall. Access code to car park/gate is " #2632 ".

Pregradings access is: " N/A "

Also Woking, Fleet & others.

Christmas sessions 2023

Happy Christmas 2023 & Happy New year for 2024

This note will be updated as necessary over the Xmas/New year period so please check regularly.

Due to the Xmas/New year season/forecasts & events, there will be no training at the club 17th Dec 2023 to 2nd Jan 2024 inclusive for those sessions.

All clubs/classes restart from Wednesday 3rd January 2024 & onwards regularly after that.


Should the winter weather turn bad & adversely affects any classes, then as usual we will add a message for that particular club on it's schools page & similarly ofcourse always on the NewsCalendar pages.


Hope everyone has a great Xmas.

Have a great 2023




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