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Complete your Track & Trace before session

For Safety of everyone, your environment, facility's & to help prevent spread & reduce risks associated with COVID-19 you must complete this Track & Trace for YOU & your family before any of you comes onto/into each facility, club/session. You agree to all conditions & any/all updates whenever made & sharing with Track & Trace applications.

Your Declaration & Practical instructions (Parents/Carer declares full responsibility for minors);

You are not aware of personally having any Covid 19 symptoms &/nor any issue at the time of entry to this session and not for at least 8 DAYS previous to this sessions date & time.

You are not self-isolating due to being exposed, ill nor critically vulnerable for any other purpose nor living with or being to close to anyone who is currently self-isolating.

You have not been in contacted by track and trace and/or asked to self-isolate.

There will be no access to toilets &/or showers and you must come changed, ready to train &/or spectate & enter/leave by designated routes. (venue rules also apply).

Wash hands and yourself/clothing thoroughly and observe government guidelines & our spacing, cleaning & other regulations, guidelines and/or instructions.

You must have at least 2m spacing (at the moment) & must clean/disinfect anything you touch at the venue such as a chair).

Wear clean training shoes for your training unless we say otherwise. You must wear clean clothing each session.

Please stay in the space you are allocated with your belongings & do not leave that space unless/until agreed with Instructor.

No shouting nor raising voice (this minimises transmission).

Bring only essentials with you & take your own rubbish home with you for disposal (tissues, wipes, clothing etc).

Bring sanitiser/wipes & use before you enter during and after you leave.

  • You MUST Scan NHS QR codes on arrival at the venue
  • Your temperature must be normal & can be taken

If need be, to keep people safe, you agree to leave & your instructors may even close the session early.

-  HED TKD Rules/Regs always apply. (Including that Parents/Carers are always responsible for their minor children).

You must be Adult (18 & over), complete below & submit this form to us for yourself & everyone from your family that is coming onto the site &/or into the training venue BEFORE every session you attend. No access without T&T

Thank you! for your Track & Trace submission
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You can reach us on: 0333 006 2909


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