Pre-Grading 28th March 2020 (All Red & Black Belts)- Postponed to a later date (TBA)

March / April pre-gradings are cancelled for now and thus postponed until a later date and the grading itself is also postponed. entries are deferred until that time so please do not worry. once things are back to normal you will be taking your grading at that time. this note added 17/03/20.

South East Area: Red & Black Belt Pre-Gradings (new style WHITE DOBOK's only)


(These sessions are mandatory for all 2nd Kup & 1st Kup (ie: Red belts) & also for ALL Black belts. Simply pick the dates you are attending & turn up early on the day to get changed in your formal WHITE DOBOK and be ready to start on the time noted below. You MUST do at least one or two sessions every 6 months, (ie: at least 1 or 2 during the March/Apr sessions and another 1 or 2 during the Sept/October group of sessions). If you are grading for a black belt you MUST do all of the sessions. (If you are still not sure what/when to attend; check your Coloured Belt syllabus &/or Black Belt syllabus and also read the GENERAL INFO message about pre-gradings.   

As usual there will be Pre-grading sessions in our South East area of the country around Feb/March/April & Aug/Sept/Oct times of the year. This year all sessions are on Saturdays (for at least 1 to 1-1/2 hrs) held in either Farnborough, Burgess Hill or Woking as follows;


Read the locations, days, dates & times very carefully so that you turn up at the correct place & time;


Fernhill School  

Neville Duke Rd,


GU14 9BY


Burgess Hill leisure Centre,

Triangle Way,

Burgess Hill,

West Sussex,

RH15 8WA

Note: - Session times: Either;

  • Farnborough sessions; 11:00 am for Red belts (ie: 1st & 2nd Kup) & 12:00 pm midday for Black belt (Dan grades).
  • In Burgess Hill they start at 4:15 pm (for Red belts ie: 1st & 2nd Kup) & 5:15pm for Black belt (Dan grades).

Ensure that you arrive early in your WHITE DOBOK & ready to start on time.



21st March:  Farnborough, ...  (starting at 11:00 am & 12:00 pm midday),

28th March 2020:  Burgess Hill, ...  (starting 4:15pm & 5:15pm)

4th April:  Farnborough, ...  (starting at 11:00 am & 12.00 pm midday),



Sept: 12th:   Woking, ...  (starting 1:00 pm & 2:00 pm),

Sept: 19th:  Burgess Hill, ...  (starting 12:00 pm & 1:00pm),

Sept: 26th:   Woking, ...  (starting 1:00 pm & 2:00 pm),



Also see GENERAL INFO,  Coloured Belt syllabus &/or Black Belt syllabus.




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