Black belt grading: October 2020

October Black Belt Grading:

We politely remind you that YOU MUST have:

  • Recently attended & sucessfully completed at least 3 mandatory pre-gradings in the last two months period this year.
  • Attended & sucessfully completed at least 1 mandatory pre-gradings during every 6 months since attaining your Red Belt (your 2nd Kup).
  • Also maintained continuous membership, continuous training & attendance since your previous grading.
  • obtained your instructors prior agreement and approval that you are ready to grade (so chat with them at least 6 months before to get their advice and assistance to help you prepare).



Hellidon Lakes Hoteland Golf Resort, Daventry, NN11 6GG Tel. 01327 262550. 


South East area students grading days/times are:

Black belts - (Dan grades): Friday 23rd October 2020
  • Starting time (TBC) for 1st Dans
  • Starting time (TBC) for 2nd Dans
  • Starting time (TBC) for 3rd Dans & 4th Dans


1st Kup - (ie: black stripes): Either Saturday 24th or Sunday 25th October 2020
  • Starting time (TBC) for all 1st Kups.
  • (FYI, on the day, the South East black stripes are in Group (TBC) of (TBC))


There are various notes, helpful tips etc, in News, Calendar & the Resources for your grade. All on




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