Black belt grading: Dec 2020

NOTE: The next Black belt grading will be December 5th 2020.

Members; anyone wishing to Grade in the Dec 2020 based grading should chat with their instructors now Sept 2020 immediately in advance should they wish to be considered.


November/December Black Belt Grading:

We politely remind you that YOU MUST have:

  • Trained regularly on-line and/or at your club to your instructors expected starndard and satisfaction. On-Line training is being included (because of Covid disruptions).
  • Attended & sucessfully completed all mandatory pre-gradings (where they were available before covid), during every 6 months since attaining your Red Belt (your 2nd Kup).
  • Also maintained continuous membership, continuous training & attendance since your previous grading.
  • Obtained your instructors prior agreement and approval that you are ready to grade (so chat with them at least 6 months before to get their advice and assistance to help you prepare).



Venue To Be Confirmed


South East area students grading days/times are:

Note: - Session specifics:

  • The exact timetable for you helps everyone manage social distancing etc on the day. Late attendees forfeight their grading so please be on time.
  • Start time: 0930 a.m. and thereafter see below.
  • All students will have their temperature checked on arrival (prior to entering the building).
  • All students must be fit and free from any Covid19 symptoms. If they have any they must self-isolate and comply with government guidelines and not attend the grading.
  • Students must arrive on time in their WHITE DOBOK & may leave afterwards.
  • The grading will be performed in bare feet.
  • No kihap shouts.
  • All students to keep 2 meters apart.
  • No instructors (nor parents/carers/spectators), are permitted in the grading hall.
  • Arrival times for groups. (Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before the allocated time), wait in car park until your group iscalled.
  • Students will do their theory prior to the grading and destruction after the floor grading (Black belts dan grades only).
  • Students leave after their grading
  • Adults must ofcourse please wait outside for their children.

Grade; time & Group. to be confirmed nearer the time in late November)

Red belts 1st Kup: TBC am (Group TBC). (clubs TBC)

Red belts 1st Kup: TBC am (Group TBC). (clubs TBC)

Black Belt 1st Dans: TBC pm (Group 4). (clubs TBC)

Black Belt 3rd Dans: TBC pm (Group 5). (clubs TBC)



There are various notes, helpful tips etc, in News, Calendar & the Resources for your grade. All on




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