Black belt grading: April 2020 - Postponed to possibly September 2020 ?)

March / April Black belt Grading and also pre-gradings are cancelled for now and thus postponed until a later date and the grading itself is also postponed. Entries are deferred until that time so please do not worry. Once things are back to normal you will be taking your grading at that time. Please keep up with your membership and training Online in the sessions. Current forecast is for grading in September 2020. This note added 17/03/20.

April 2020 Black Belt Grading:

If the Grading is rescheduled because of Corvid-19, you have been entered for the earliest re-organised grading date and will be notified here on our website about new dates and any such changes.

We politely remind you that YOU MUST have:

  • Recently attended & sucessfully completed at least 3 mandatory pre-gradings in the last two months period this year.
  • Attended & sucessfully completed at least 1 mandatory pre-gradings during every 6 months since attaining your Red Belt (your 2nd Kup).
  • Also maintained continuous membership, continuous training & attendance since your previous grading.
  • obtained your instructors prior agreement and approval that you are ready to grade (so chat with them at least 6 months before to get their advice and assistance to help you prepare).



Hellidon Lakes Hoteland Golf Resort, Daventry, NN11 6GG Tel. 01327 262550. 


South East area students grading days/times are:

Black belts - (Dan grades): Friday 24th April 2020
  • Starting time (TBC) for 1st Dans
  • Starting time (TBC) for 2nd Dans
  • Starting time (TBC) for 3rd Dans & 4th Dans


1st Kup - (ie: black stripes): Saturday 25th April 2020
  • Starting time (TBC) for all 1st Kups.
  • (FYI, on the day, South East black stripes are in Group 3 of 3)


There are various notes, helpful tips etc, in News, Calendar & the Resources for your grade. All on




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